GP Star Dentistry is proud to be associated with the following organisations who are experts in their field and have joined us on this venture of empowering dentists to grow their practices.

As a member you will automatically get a 15% discount on services available from selected Partners.

SucceedGroup is a well-known strategic marketing consultancy and key-role player in the professional service industry in South Africa. They assist professional firms to set in place, structure and implement a combination of key growth drivers within their businesses to maximise medium- and long-term growth. Strategy, branding, digital, internal marketing, skills development, and public relations have become part of the critical drivers that Succeed will execute to establish and drive growth in professional service firms. SucceedGroup becomes your Partner in Growth. A well-developed marketing strategy will be the answer to a healthier, more profitable, and effective firm of the future.

Surplus Profit is a unique South African registered company driven by Growth Advisers, Marketing Strategists, Chartered Accountants, Certified Management Accountants and Consumer Science Specialists with the common goal, namely, to deliver profit-improving price consulting services. Their primary objective is to assist service firms to earn optimally and operate effectively. This is facilitated through a combination of training, consulting & software with Value-Based Pricing principles as the Driver of Growth. Pricing has originally been viewed as a financial strategy or approach, called cost-based pricing, but with value-based pricing dawning in the service and professional service industry, pricing has become a critical and vital element of any high-level marketing strategy. A huge shift in approaching the way we price clients will redirect the way we think in the future. Surplus Profit is the answer to a more profitable and effective firm of the future.

Online Academy offers a holistic training solution to businesses and their staff that aims to boost engagement, motivate, and increase professional skills. Through a blended approach of interactive online short courses, soft skills and practical-based training, Online Academy helps professionals develop critical industry-relevant skills that allow them to reach their individual, social and organisational goals. Select your own flexible training solution, tailored to your business’s needs, to address professional workplace skills through a wide selection of interactive online e-learning courses, attend live webinar sessions on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, or in association with our e-learning designers and content writers, develop your very own custom training portal and e-learning courses based on your content.

The City of London Dental School is an independent dental school which provides postgraduate dental courses in the UK. It offers an extensive range of programmes which are continually expanding and evolving through feedback from the profession, striking the fine balance between academic achievement and clinical training. The dental school aims to provide patient centred training relevant to the entire community for the purpose of educational development and the professional enrichment of dentistry. The City of London Dental School aspires to become a foremost independent dental school delivering accessible, quality programmes at competitive and affordable fees and to constantly strive to strengthen the curricula whilst exploring research areas and new dental technologies for the benefit of patients.


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